"splashy-pups-hydrotherapy" and "fit four paws" physiotherapy

Canine Hydrotherapy Association and IAAT Physiotherapy clinic

5 of the best reasons to choose Muppets Canine Therapy for your pet

* By being a member of the Canine Hydrotherapy Association, you have the peace of mind that Kate is fully trained in all aspects of hydrotherapy and runs her clinic with the highest level of care and compassion for your pet, while also maintaining a professional and successful service.

* Kate is a natural animal lover and will display a calming and non threatening environment for your pets treatment. Time will always be taken to allow your pet to become relaxed and feel confident. All water based treatments are carried out with Kate in the water with your pet to give them confidence and reassurance.

* Kate is qualified in many animal related professions and works alone with no staff in order to maintain the best possible treatment regimes for your pet. Many centres will allow non trained staff to carry out treatments on your pets

* The water in both the treadmill and hydro pool is tested for its chemical balance 2-3 times a day.

The water is also tested for micro bacterial levels and legionella each month. All these results are stored and monitored. Only centres registered with the CHA tend to carry out these tests, many centres do not carry out any water tests.

* Kate will work alongside your pet, you and your vet to provide the best and most effective treatment routine for your pet. Treatments techniques are designed to modify your pets movement, increase strength and stability and to reduce pain and discomfort.

"My aim is to provide each and every animal I meet with the chance to lead a good quality of life with the minimal amount of fear, pain and lack of mobility"